Monday, April 27, 2009

2 1/2 years old...

My baby turned 2 1/2 today. It's hard to believe I am a mommy to a 2 1/2year old. Things have been going well here and we have been keeping busy. We have been going to the beach every weekend and B already has a gorgeous tan. I too might have a tan eventually. We are headed to North Carolina Friday. I can't wait though I am a little nervous to see how he does on the plane.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday #56

I have no pictures from this week, so I am posting this picture my little brother made. He likes to occasionally take Bryson's pictures and play with them in photoshop.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Potty training

I have decided to dive head first into potty training once we return from our trip to NC. I have no idea how to start or where to begin. Any advice or good websites to check out?

Monday, April 20, 2009

The many faces of Bryson

Friday, April 17, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday #55

Bryson watching Bob the Builder

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No, mine and Bob the Builder

These are Bryson's recent favorites. He has learned the words "No" and "Mine" and oh what joy they are. As cute as he sounds when he says "no", the often used word is not always fun. It is helpful now when eating, drinking are playing because he will tell us no if he doesn't want something or want to do something. He also now uses the "no" word when we ask him if he wants to take a bath, go to bed or to try some of our dinner. Mine, everything is "mine." We can be drinking and he will take our drink and say "mine."

I used to enjoy bragging that my son didn't have any interest any watching the TV. I also used to say that on the other hand, I wish he would watch it for 5 minutes to give me a little break. I was just kidding, I don't need a five minute break anymore. Really, I don't need a break ever if it would mean I didn't have to watch Bob the Builder for hours straight every night. Yes, this is Bryson's latest craze. It all started last week when he pulled a Bob the Builder out of the DVD cabinet and handed it to me. I have put in these DVD many times over the last 6 months or so and Bryson has shown no interest in it, so I figured this time would be no different. Who was I kidding? He sat and watched the whole DVD then told me "more Bob." Please tell me who the genius was that named him Bob so that every toddler was sure to be able to say his name. Now every day when I pick him up from school, he runs straight into the living room yelling Bob over and over. He has to tell Bob bye-bye anytime we go anywhere. He even asks for Bob while we are driving. Give me a few more days and I will know all the words by heart.

This is the joys of toddlers, right???

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

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Bryson awoke to a basket full of goodies left by the Easter bunny. That afternoon we headed over to my aunt's house to spend the day with my family. There was lots of good food and fun games (egg toss, bunny hop race, hat parade and water balloons) that provided LOTS of laughs. Bryson tends to forget that he is only two and tries to do all the games with the adults. By the time the Easter egg hunt started, he was a pro since this was his 4th egg hunt this year. He even spotted ones that most of us didn't see. Since my son LOVES candy, we quickly had to get the basket from him otherwise we would have found him in the corner somewhere with a basket full of empty eggs. He got yet another Easter basket from his Pop & Oma. Can we say spoiled! My aunt Cathie made Bryson (thank you) a choo-choo hat for the hat parade. Bryson even took part in the water balloon fight. Overall, we had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Saturday before Easter

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Every year, the Saturday before Easter we go to Shane's grandmother's house for the day. We had a wonderful time and as always, the food was delicious! GG (great grandmother) decided she wanted to dye eggs with Bryson. This was his first time and he really enjoyed it. I am not a fan of getting messy, so I squirmed the whole time. I know he is a boy and I am slowly adjusting to the messy side. Hopefully I don't make him OCD in the process! After he dyed eggs, daddy hid them in the yard and Bryson had fun finding them. He also got two Easter baskets, one from Grammy and one from Aunt Linda, both with lots of goodies!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday #54

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I guess it's time for a few updates

I'm glad to know that I still have some followers. As the days go on, I find myself slowly fading from the adoption blogs and message boards. By the time I sit down to the computer most nights, I'm too exhausted to follow along. I guess that is what happens when you are the mommy of a very active two year old. Things are going well in our house. Bryson still loves school and continues to do well there. B still receives speech therapy twice a week though she has been mainly focusing on his eating. I wish I could report that his eating has changed, but it hasn't. The only thing that has changed, is we (mostly I) have stopped battling with him. Some may not agree with that, but it's just a battle I have choose not to fight. I figure when he is ready to try "real" food, he will. Despite his mostly snacking appetite, he still continues to grow. He has been holding at 29.5 pounds since December, but has grown at least 3 inches and has officially moved into 24 months/2T clothing.

B is as active as ever, only stopping to sleep, eat and drink. He enjoys being outside and since the weather has been great here in Florida, we have been taking advantage of it. The weather was so nice Sunday, so we headed to the beach for the first time this year. It took B awhile to get in the water, but once he did, we couldn't get him out. He also already has a beautiful tan and it's only April! Every Friday night, we have made a family night at the park and B seems to enjoy that. Last week we also all started walking together. We will go about a mile, I walk fast with our dog, Shane jogs and B rides his motorcycle. B likes to be on the go. Not sure if that is how he really is or if we have transformed him to that since we love to go, go, go. We don't like to sit home often (can anyone tell). My mom always says that B has a busier schedule then most adults. Two different weekends in March, daddy was out of town which made great bonding time for B and I. He loves to be the center of attention and is not quiet by any means.

The excitement of B's new toddler bed wore off by night 2, but he has yet to get out of the bed once since we got it. I think the hardest part for him was not having the bedtime bottle. B has become such a great traveller. What a change this is from the little boy we once had. He no longer cries and instead looks out the window or listens to his CDs. He still doesn't do well in restaurants because he is just not interested in sitting that long, so needless to say, we don't go out to eat often.

I can say that being a mom never gets boring. He is constantly learning and changing before our eyes and it is just amazing to watch. He has molded into our family perfectly. Even after having him home for almost 14 months, I still have to pinch myself to see to make sure this is real. With that said, I have been thinking about a sibling for B alot lately. Shane is an only child and would be completely happy with only having B, but not me. I have always wanted two. Unfortunately right now, it is not financially possible for us to pursue another adoption. I still hold hope that one day we can.

In a little over 3 weeks, B and I are headed to see our good friends Cameron and Sabrina in NC. It will be his first plane ride since Russia and I am a little nervous doing it on my own. Anyone have any tips? Thankfully it's only about 1.75 hour flight.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some things I've learned...

Some things that I have learned since becoming a mommy:
  • I've learned to cook dinner with a child hanging onto my leg.
  • I've learned to get used to Bryson joining me while I use the bathroom.
  • I've learned to multi-task while driving. I know it's not safe, but when you have a child screaming in the back for his drink/snack/music, etc, you get what he wants (and quick).
  • I've learned every song on his music CDs.
  • I've learned not to open the dishwasher in front of B unless I want him to help unload it (regardless if I am loading it, he is always trying to unload it).
  • I've learned to take the battery out of his power wheel (since there is no shut off button) unless I want to chase him down the street every night.
  • I've learned to accept the fact that I will never get to sleep in past 7:30a.
  • I've learned that I won't be able to do my makeup in peace. There will be little hands reaching into my makeup drawer the whole time. Most times, some of the makeup gets thrown into the tub by B.
  • I've learned that bribing my child with candy is terrible (but it works).
  • I've learned that two year olds have an opinion!
  • I've learned that even though your child owns LOTS of toys, he will most likely prefer the pots and pans (see Favorite Photo Friday #53).
  • I've learned that it is ok for my son to get dirty or get something on his clothes (ok...maybe I haven't learned that one yet).
  • I've learned that even though you try to catch your child in mid fall, you can't always catch them.
  • I've learned that saying "pay attention" will be part of my daily vocabulary (my son likes to look behind him while walking and let's just say, he has ran into many things).
  • I've learned to cut B's hair myself and have to trim it about every 2 weeks.
  • I've learned that there is so much more girl's things (clothes, shoes, toys) at every store.
  • I've learned not to bring my laptop out when B is around, otherwise he wants to bang on the keys.
  • I've learned not to walk through the center of our mall (where the carousel is) unless I have $2 on me.
  • I've learned not to take B grocery shopping unless I want to push around the HUGE car shopping cart.
  • I've learned that being a mommy is the most rewarding job ever!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday #53

Please tell me again...why do I buy toys?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Visit with the Easter bunny

Yesterday I took Bryson to see the Easter bunny. He hopped out of the stroller and walked right over to him. He did really well and as I sit here and look at this picture, I just can't believe how much my baby has grown up.
Sorry for the lack of posts lately (except for the picture posts). Not sure how many are still following this blog anymore. I mean to post, then just never get around to actually doing it. I will post this weekend with some updates on my crazy little boy.