Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm outta here

I leave for New York first thing in the morning and I have a ton to do still (including packing). River Ranch was fun despite the rain. I will post more next week. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Friday, July 20, 2007

This weekend

Well, we are out of here shortly for the weekend. Last year at the Strawberry Festival we bought a vacation package for River Ranch. Little did we know, that we had to attend a timeshare tour. They did not tell us this part till we got our information in the mail. We couldn't get our money back, so we decided to suck it up and make reservations. I called back in March and was not able to get a reservation till July, so this is the weekend we go. River Ranch is like a dude ranch resort located here in Florida. They have cabins, hotel, airboat ride, buggy ride, horseback riding, rodeo, pool, saloon, fishing, etc. My parents used to bring us there all the time when we were kids. Our package is for 4 people, so we have decided to bring my brother and sister with us. Those who are new to our blog, my brother and sister are much younger (17 & 13). They mean the world to us and we are very close with them. They spend most weekends at our house. They are very excited to become an uncle and aunt, but I think it's going to be an adjustment for them to not get 100% of our attention once the baby is here. So this is like a little vacation with them before the craziness begins. I have lots of great memories of River Ranch from when I was a child so I hope it is still just as great. We would like to bring our child there in the future, like my parents did with us.

There has been no word yet on the adoption front. Still don't have medical information. With going out of town this weekend, then I am going to New York next Thursday-Sunday, so I haven't had a ton of time to think about (okay I'm lying). I figured I would give my agency a call after I get back from NY next week.

The baby's bed set came in and I love it! It looks even better than it did in the picture. We also ordered a dresser and changing table last week. It should be delivered next week sometime. I have a few things I want hubby to finish up around the house before we start on the nursery. I can't wait!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Guess what I got in the mail today

A package from my SBP. It took me by surprise as I was just expecting bills as usual. I was very excited to open it. In it was:
  • 'who loves baby' album. It is a soft album that you can put pictures in it for the baby. I have been looking everywhere for one of these, so THANK YOU. We will put pictures of us in it and leave it at the orphanage so our little can look at it and remember us.
  • Baby Einstein lullaby CD. I know he will enjoy listening to this.
  • A toy that has 9 links to take off and put back on or link together
  • A very sweet card

Thank you SBP. You made my day.

For family and friends who are wondering what the hell SBP means, it is Secret Blog Pal. A group of 12 of us bloggers each have a secret pal and over the course of 2 months, we will send them 1-2 packages and a couple encouraging cards.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I've been tagged

I was tagged by Christen.

4 new things I did in the last 4 years:
  1. Got married in February 2003
  2. We bought a house in April 2004
  3. Decided to start TTC, went through infertility treatments & then finally decided to adopt
  4. Started working from home

4 new things I hope to do in the next 4 years:

  2. Travel to Ireland
  3. Decide about going back to school and for what
  4. Maybe adopt another baby (I know I'm getting ahead of myself, wishful thinking!)


When I first started this blog, it was intended for family and friends only. Over the past several weeks, I have come across many other bloggers who are in the process of adopting from Russia or have already completed an adoption. They have shared their blogs with me, so I felt it was only fair, to share ours with them. The great thing about these ladies, is they know exactly what we are going through and feeling. It's nice to meet others and share our stories and experiences with them. Not that our family and friends aren't supportive, but these ladies and their blogs have been a great help and a great source for information.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

We found bedding

We finally found bedding for the nursery that we both agreed on and liked. It is Aloha Baby by Lambs & Ivy. I bought it last night on ebay for about $40 cheaper than it is going for in the online stores. I think we might have found some furniture also, but I want to look around a little more before I order it. I can't wait to start working on the nursery. I have waited for over 3 years to do this!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Big News

We received a possible referral for a little boy. We got the call last week and it totally took us by surprise. We have been debating whether or not to tell others since it's not for sure yet. He doesn't come off the database till September, so we wouldn't be able to travel till then to meet him. Once we agreed to register our dossier in this region (which we agreed), we will receive medical information and a photo. My agency is just not sure when we will receive this information. Hopefully we receive it soon, so that we can have it checked out by an IA doctor and make the final decision on whether or not to travel and meet him. All we know right now is it is a boy and he will turn 1 sometime in September. That is a little older than we were hoping for, but we are getting used to the idea.

If it all works out, we will travel in September and that is not far away. There is so much to do!

Our dossier is finished

Well, our dossier is finally done. Thank god! During lunch, I am going to Fed Ex to ship it to our adoption agency. Hopefully when they receive it, they don't find any mistakes. My luck they will. We are now in the waiting stages. Now if only our I171-H would hurry and come.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Great article

I found a great article on one of the many message boards I go to. It made me cry because I can relate to her in so many ways.

It's about moving from infertility treatments to adoption. She said it best "I'd forgotten the most important thing: I wanted to be a mother more than I wanted to give birth. At the end of this long road, there will be a child waiting for us - the child we are meant to have."